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The Primary School Principals Support network provides all school leaders with a continuum of high quality personal and professional development, support, advice and guidance in order to maximise the learning outcomes of every child. 
Support Groups form the main cell structure of IPPN. Primary Principals Support Groups in the SouthEast have been in existence for some time and are sustained with the aid of Co. Wexford Education Centre.  Every Support Group has its own dynamic. The most commonly shared characteristics of successful support groups are:
One member co-ordinates the date and venue of the next meeting.
One main topic selected by consensus as the focus of the next meeting - each
meeting used to discuss a variety of current issues.
Regular monthly meetings e.g. second Thursday of the month.
Meetings immediately after school or by night – some groups meet in the afternoons of administration days.
Small groups – normally 8 to 12.
A high degree of confidentiality and discretion.
A regular social dimension.
Frequent sharing of resources, ideas and strategies.
No formal agenda.
No minutes or reports.
No external speakers.
Co. Wexford Education Centre has number of very active Primary School Principal Support Networks in our catchment area. These networks meet regularly to discuss various educational issues and to provide support to one another. 
Here is the current list of Primary School Principal Support Networks in the South East region. 
Each Network has a Convenor, if you are interested in joining one of our Networks please contact the Convenor in your chosen area.
Principal Support Group Convenor
Enniscorthy Principal Group Taragh Nolan
Wexford 1 Principal Group Aine Uí Ghionnáin
New Ross Principal Group Patricia Foran
Carlow Principal Group Annette Fitzgerald
Bunclody Principal Group Carolyn Good
Wexford 2 Principal Group Jim Dempsey
Gorey Principal Group Niall Madden
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Leadership Support Callback Service 


Phone2016This Leadership Support Service is designed to make sure that any IPPN member going through a stressful or worrying time will receive appropriate personal as well as professional support. In the event of a crisis situation, critical incident or school tragedy, members of our Professional Guidance Panel are available to provide 1 to 1 confidential advice and support over the telephone.

The Leadership Support Service can be accessed either by contacting the IPPN Support Office on 021 482 40 70 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Contact may also be made through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Leadership Support Team
The team comprises five dedicated members of staff, four of whom are retired school leaders, and they focus on a range of supports and services to school leaders as follows:

The confidential phone support service is provided with support from the Professional Guidance Panel, who are all current serving school leaders with significant leadership experience.


What is Misneach?

Misneach is a two year personal and professional development programme for Newly Appointed Principals (NAPs) developed by the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST). 

The word ‘Misneach’ derives from the Irish word for courage, spirit and fortitude. The Misneach programme seeks to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and qualities of beginning school leaders, empowering them to respond effectively to the realities of managing and leading in the Irish school context.

Misneach helps NAPs develop the confidence to translate principle into practice and in developing this confidence, the notions of ‘being challenged’ and of ‘becoming challenging’ are promoted. Through working collaboratively and engaging with the language of leadership, the NAPs develop a map for their professional lives.

During the Misneach programme you will have numerous opportunities, both formally and informally, to share experiences, build collegiality and network with other participants who, like you are in their early stages of their career as a school leader.

This sharing of learning and experiences with your peers, facilitated and supported by the PDST team of experienced principals, is invaluable and will be of great personal and professional support to you as you transition into your new role.


The Misneach Vision: 


Misneach (meaning “courage”) sets out to support you, the newly appointed principal, in coming to an understanding of the many and varied aspects of your new role as school leader. 

The vision for Misneach is derived from the five core principles (see graphic below) of school leadership as identified by Irish school principals. 

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Forbairt is a Leadership Development programme for a school leadership team, comprising of the principal, deputy principal  and another teacher leader. Forbairt is constructed on an action learning model and is designed to support school leaders to explore leadership in their own context.

A teacher leader is any teacher who is engaged with leadership (formally or informally) in your school. They may have a formal leadership role in the school as an Assistant Principal but this is not essential. Schools that do not have a third member of staff are equally eligible to apply for the programme.

The programme is based on an Action Learning process which enables professionals to learn and develop through engaging and reflecting on their experience in the company of peers as they seek to address real-life problems in their own organisations. It generates learning from human interactions arising from solution-focused approaches to real-time, real-world work challenges. Over the course of the year participants come together for a number of  two-day residentials, one-day courses and a number of Action Learning Community small-group meetings (ALCs). Supports are provided throughout the year as participants undertake, reflect on and gain feedback on the implementation of a Leadership Development Project (LDP) Examples of projects. undertaken are available in the Forbairt Projects section of this website. 

Forbairt has a big impact on our leadership of learning. The following feedback was given by a group of Cork-based principals and deputies when asked what they had done in the course of the school year which impacted on learning in their schools.

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