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Schools for Health in Ireland

Schools for Health in Ireland

Framework for Developing a Health Promoting School, PostPrimary, offers a framework to schools against which they can look at their school, assess health needs and begin a process of working towards better health for all members of the school community.

The framework outlines the Health Promoting School (HPS) concept including its aims, core values and criteria. It briefly outlines the process of work involved in becoming a Health Promoting School.

The framework is written for all members of the school community – students, staff and visitors. In particular, it has been developed to assist school leaders to support health promotion work within their school. The framework is also relevant for health personnel and others who may be engaging with schools and who are seeking an understanding of health promotion within the school setting.

A separate publication, Schools for Health in Ireland: Co-ordinator’s Handbook for Developing a Health Promoting School, Post-Primary has been developed to assist schools with the implementation of this framework.

The framework has been developed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) with input from the Department of Education and Skills (DES) and is intended to support and guide the implementation of Health Promoting Schools at post-primary level.

Aims of the Health Promoting School

The HPS aims to:

Foster the healthy development of the whole school community 

Provide a framework for developing health promotion initiatives in a way that supports and enhances the implementation of the curriculum 

Support the planning, implementation and evaluation of health-related activities under school self-evaluation, school development planning processes 

Enhance the links between schools and their communities.

Everyone in the school setting is valued .

Self-esteem is fostered.

Fairness and tolerance are evident.

People experiencing difficulties are supported

 Communication is open and transparent.

Effort is recognised .

Uniqueness and difference are respected .

Conflict is handled constructively. 

Initiative and creativity are encouraged 

Social, moral and civic values are promoted .

Students’ emotional, psychological and physical well-being is promoted.

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