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The school pack consists of a student workbook, and a teacher text.  The pack is also available as gaeilge.
All are provided free of charge to schools and colleges of Further Education that register online, with their local Education Centre, or directly with Kilkenny Education Centre. The programme provides material for more than 20 hours of tuition.  The lessons may be expanded or condensed to suit the timetable arrangements in schools and the ability range of students. It is particularly suitable for those students who will engage in work experience during the school year.
The programme is designed around six Units. Each Unit contains enough material and teaching suggestions to cover five or more class periods. Teachers may dip into the text and engage in those topics and student activities that best suit the level of knowledge of the students.
Choose Safety Course Structure:
Unit 1 focuses on general health and safety in the workplace for young workers, key responsibilities, employment rights, and induction.
Unit 2 introduces the concept of hazard and risk and the process of risk assessment. The Unit also focuses on manual handling and ergonomics, slips, trips and falls, and fire safety.
Unit 3 considers effective controls within the context of the management of working at height, workplace transport safety, and chemicals. It also looks at two key work sectors - farming and hospitality.
Unit 4 addresses the specific roles of a safety officer and safety representative and the work environment. It also covers workplace health and well-being.
Units 5 and 6 challenge the student to reflect and discuss how the principles of health and safety can be applied to real-life work practices. It also focuses on accident prevention.
Unit 6 completes Choose Safety by examining actual case studies. This Unit revisits the issues raised earlier in the course.
Student Certificates
Each student who has successfully completed the Choose Safety Programme can receive a Certificate of Completion in recognition of his/her increased understanding of health and safety at work. The teacher can judge whether or not the student has engaged adequately to deserve accreditation. For most, a Certificate of Completion can be reasonably awarded. Students meriting a Certificate of Distinction must show advanced understanding of the issues raised. They will have completed almost all the activities, including each of the "short projects" and at least one of the major assignments in Unit 6. Certificates are issued digitally by Kilkenny Education Centre.
Digital Badgeschoose safety completion digital badge
Digital badges can also be awarded to students who participate in Choose Safety and for completion of any of the six individual Units and any of the four Choose Safety full programmes on offer. Click on Digital Badges for further information.
If you intend to deliver the Choose Safety programme to your class contact Kilkenny Education Centre.
Kilkenny Education Centre: 
Tel: 056 7760200 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Before downloading Choose Safety resources, please register your school/FE centre’s details and your local Choose Safety coordinator will make contact. They can provide you with hard copies of the resources free of charge and further information on awarding certificates and/or digital badges.

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