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‘ÉIRÍ’ Évoking Ireland’s Resilient female Icons

‘ÉIRÍ’ Evoking Ireland’s Resilient female Icons

Celebrating the inspiring women and girls from Irish Mythology


A Brief Overview of the Competition

The ‘ÉIRÍ’ Project comprising an art competition and an open participatory research project, has been created by Professor Ralph Kenna and is funded by Coventry University. The project is being hosted by The Irish Post and Story Archaeology.

Submissions, in any medium, inspired by Irish mythology, local lore or legend, featuring women or girls, can be entered until November 22. However, there is no closing date for the participatory research submissions.

For more information please click this live link 

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Professor Ralph Kenna is an Irish  Professor of Physics whose research interests include critical phenomena,digital humanities and sociophysics. at Coventry University.His deep interest in Mythology has led him to develop innovative mathematical methods of exploring and comparing the way stories work and the connections between characters. This was first explored in the paper, Maths Meets Myths: Quantitative Approaches to Ancient Narratives.

Chris Thompson,
I am a teacher, Irish registered ,with specialisms in creative writing and educational drama. I work with the 'Heritage in Schools' Scheme and Poetry Ireland's 'Writers in Schools'. For many years, I have also designed and delivered inter-generational, local history and cultural diversity projects for schools, libraries, and Heritage Officers.
I also present the Podcast, Story Archaeology, now including Stories in the Landscape. As a storyteller, one of my main concerns is to provide materials to support exploration of early Irish stories,in a form  that is attractive and appropriate for Primary classes. Over the last two years I have been creating  teacher lead, on-line guided interactive presentations and videos. A full downloadable programme for teachers is available, at no cost,  for this project.