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Leadership Hour- Navigating Conflict for Teachers Workshop 2/2

Leadership Hour- Navigating Conflict for Teachers Workshop 2/2

Navigating Conflict for Teachers Workshop 2/2

 Conflict March

The Navigating Conflict for Teachers programme is designed to equip educational professionals with the knowledge and practical skills needed to resolve and manage conflict, both in their classrooms and school communities. It supports the development of social and emotional skills needed to resolve conflict and assists teachers in encouraging their students to establish and sustain healthy, nourishing relationships throughout their lives.

The programme is conducted through a combination of open and dynamic discussions (facilitated both online and/or in-person), conflict resolution techniques, wellness, and restorative practices, and focuses on two principal areas: the relationship with oneself in conflict, and our relationship with others.

This first area supports teachers in gaining a deeper understanding of their own reactions, feelings, emotions, and behaviours in conflict. They will gain an understanding of individual conflict handling styles, the brain’s processing systems when faced with conflict, how to identify and navigate triggers, and self-regulation techniques to support themselves in responding to conflict effectively. Additionally, teachers will learn wellness practices to support themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally when dealing with conflict.

The second area focuses on the components of good relationships and provides a framework of engagement for conflict situations. The workshop lays special emphasis on the message that conflict is an opportunity for increased understanding and collaboration. Teachers will learn the foundational techniques of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and how to respond to conflict through constructive means. This will aid in effective conflict management, allowing both parties to move from destructive reactions to constructive and collaborative responses. 

These workshops encourage an active learning environment and present opportunities for self-reflection and peer learning, contributing to long-lasting personal and professional development.

Programme Outline

Specific Learning Outcomes

1.       Understanding Conflict

2.       The Root Causes of Conflict

3.       The Self in Conflict

4.       Building Working Relationships

5.       Embedding a Restorative Mindset and Culture

1.       To clarify a definition of conflict

2.       To examine the ineffective ways in which we interpret and respond to conflict through various handling styles.

1.       To examine the deeper origins of conflict, and the values and beliefs we attach.

2.       To identify and transform the characteristics of anger and shame.

1.       To understand theory behind the fight/flight/freeze response.

2.       To examine how we respond when feeling threatened.

3.       To identify methods of working effectively when emotionally charged.

1.       To learn positive communication skills through the framework of NVC.

2.       To improve relationships by developing empathy and promoting emotional literacy.

1.       To examine and assess the Relationship Window

2.       To facilitate conversation on how to best support teachers in developing and sustaining a restorative mindset and culture.

Facilitator: Sorcha Mallen

Dates and Times: Monday 20th and 27th March from 7:00-8:00 PM

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 27-03-2023 7:00 pm
Capacity 300
Fee Free
Select Hours 1
Speaker Sorcha Mallen
Location Online Course
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