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Spellings for Me

Spellings for Me

We are an Irish company called Spellings For Me. The main aim of our programme is to easily individualised and differentiate the learning of spellings for primary school children. We launched Spellings For Me at the end of September and we are delighted to have over 500 schools registered already.

When providing CPD for teachers, I am regularly asked to recommend a
practical computer program that would contribute to the development and
progression of children’s spelling ability. Spellingsforme has long been overdue
and as an Irish production, it ticks all the boxes for what teachers require of such
a program.
The teachers’ manual, which accompanies the program, clearly explains how to
set up and activate the program. Ascertaining the child’s automatic spellings
ability level is achieved through various tests. Dictation exercises and
differentiation are integral parts of the programme. Self correction is encouraged
and any errors/miscues are placed in a “learning words” folder. When these
words do become part of the child’s automatic spelling vocabulary they are
placed in a “mastered words” folder. Opportunity for revising these “mastered
words” is central to the whole program.
Emma and Patrick, both young teachers, are to be commended for this innovative
program, which will have a huge effect on children’s spellings development both
in the classroom and in the home.


You can also download the Flyer by Clicking Here

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Course Start Date / Time 28-01-2020 5:00 pm
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Registration Start Date 09-12-2019
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Location Wexford Education Centre

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Tel: (053) 92 39100
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