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Zoom for Education - National Project Update

We would just like to remind you of the Zoom for Education bulk licence special offer, which is closing on Friday the 25th of September. 

For more information and to sign up for this offer, please click the following link: 

We understand the pressure that principals have been under to re-open schools, and now that they are open, it is time to put in place the support necessary to keep everyone in education. 

It is clear from the recent Department of Education guidelines that provision must be made for at-risk pupils and teachers across the country and the Zoom project will assist in this regard.  

This project will deliver huge savings and benefits for each school that participates and is available to every primary and post-primary school in Ireland.

This offer is open to every primary and post-primary school in Ireland. 

IMS is holding a free information webinar for all schools next Thursday at 7.30 pm to answer all questions schools may have around this offer.  

Webinar Registration Link:  

This webinar is open to Teachers, SNAs, Board of Management, and Parent Association members. 

10 Great Reasons to use Zoom in your School 

  1. Online teaching for at-risk students who cannot attend school 

  1. Online teaching for at-risk teachers who cannot attend school 

  1. Distance Learning platform in the event of further school closures 

  1. Continuous Professional Development sessions for all staff 

  1. All Parent / Teacher Meetings 

  1. Parent information sessions over Zoom webinar 

  1. School Assemblies over Zoom webinar 

  1. Staff Meetings over Zoom Meeting 

  1. Board of Management Meetings over Zoom Meeting 

  1. Parents Association Meetings over Zoom Meeting 

An important point to remember is that just because a school has Teams, G Suite or WebEx, this does not preclude them from using Zoom. In fact, there is no conflict at all; Zoom complements and enhances all existing learning management systems, it is more robust, easier to use, has superior video and audio quality, and user awareness than any other conferencing system. Zoom is not a document sharing system. 

Your involvement is vital, this Zoom project requires minimum participation numbers at a national level to achieve these savings.

How to teach one Hour of Code with your class
Join the movement and introduce a group of students to their first hour of computer science with these steps. The Hour of Code is easy to run 

 Watch this how-to video

 Choose a tutorial for your hour

We provide a variety of fun, student-guided tutorials for all age groups and experience levels. Students do the activities on their own, though many activities include lesson plans for teachers (you'll see the link when you click the activity) to guide discussion or extend the activit

Show an inspirational video:

  • The original launch video, featuring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and NBA star Chris Bosh. (There are 1 minute5 minute, and 9 minute versions available)
  • Find more inspirational resources and videos.

It’s okay if both you and your students are brand new to computer science. Here are some ideas to introduce your Hour of Code activity:

  • Explain ways that technology impacts our lives, with examples both boys and girls will care about (talk about saving lives, helping people, connecting people, etc.).
  • As a class, list things that use code in everyday life.
  • See tips for getting girls interested in computer science here.


Direct students to the activity

When your students come across difficulties it's okay to respond:

  • “I don’t know. Let’s figure this out together.”
  • “Technology doesn’t always work out the way we want.”
  • “Learning to program is like learning a new language; you won’t be fluent right away.”

What if a student finishes early?

  • Students can see all tutorials and try another Hour of Code activity.
  • Or, ask students who finish early to help classmates who are having trouble with the activity.



Catering Tender

Co. Wexford Education Centre wishes to invite tenders from catering suppliers for the supply of hot and cold prepared food delivered to Co. Wexford Education Centre to take effect from January 1 st 2020.

Please download the Catering Tender Document

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