Movement and Drawing Exercises to Help Development and Learning Difficulties 2018/2019 - Stage 2 Overcoming the Three Mid-planes - Tues 23rd Oct '18


Movement and Drawing Exercises to Help Development and Learning Difficulties"

5 One-Day Workshops

A task belonging in the early years is to master the spatial world. To do this is to break the natural symmetry with which we have been born and to develop accurate, harmonious movement. If accomplished, a child is in this respect ready for school, ready for literacy and numeracy, ready to make bodily movement internal.

Often, however, when a child struggles at school, it is found that his or her development has not taken that course, or not entirely. Subsequent remedial work to complete the early years’ tasks then proves to bear fruit, not only in coordination but also in writing, reading and the capacity to manage the school environment.

This work on the Development of the Senses has evolved out of the earlier educational work of Audrey McAllen whose book “The Extra Lesson’ is subtitled: Movement, Drawing and Painting Exercises to Help Children with Difficulties in Writing, Reading and Arithmetic.

Suitable for Learning Support Teachers, Class Teachers, Classroom Assistants, Subject Teachers and Upper School Teachers, the workshops aim to equip teachers with insights and an effective group of exercises to carry into their day-to-day work.

The exercises are formed so as make-up-for and move-on the developmental struggles of individual children. They also improve the overall skill-level of a class and support concentration.

Without any obligation, participants are invited to do the exercises and all will receive material on how to do them.

Stages 4 and 5 stand apart from the first three but with one another also form a unit.

Stage 2   Overcoming the Three Midplanes – Tues 23rd Oct ‘18

In addition to left and right, separated by the vertical midplane, there is above versus below and behind versus in-front. In this way, the human stance, upright and forward-facing, has three midplanes. Though invisible, these condition the very young child’s movements, as borders not to be crossed. Later however, a skilled level of spatial orientation requires the child to habitually cross these midplanes. Through this, fluency in literacy and (in particular) numeracy have a sound basis.

Stage 3   Completion of an Assessment of Senses’ Development – Tues 27th Nov ‘18

This workshop adds to the diagnostic and developmental exercises of workshop stages 1 and 2, to build a whole assessment. Amounting not only to a list of checks but also to an overall picture of a child’s accomplishments amid the lower senses, this provides both direction and content, for future work to help a child’s specific needs.

Dates for stages 4 and 5 will be notified to principals and participating teachers before Christmas.

Venue: Co. Wexford Education Centre

Time:  9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (each day)

Tutor:  Gordon Woolard

Course duration for stages 1, 2 & 3 is 15 hours in total over three days. 

There is no substitution available for these workshops. 



Course Details

Course date: 23-10-2018 9:30 am
Course End Date: 23-10-2018 3:30 pm
Capacity 30
Available place 25
Cut off date 18-10-2018
Individual Price Free
Speaker Gordon Woolard
Number Hours 5
Location Co. Wexford Education Centre
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