Managing Aggression and Violence in Schools

CARA TRAINING CONSULTANCY offer a very specific course in ‘Managing Aggression and Violence in Schools’.

School staff members are instructed on what they can legally do when dealing with aggressive or violent children, or more importantly – what Not to do. We instruct on the exact Law that relates to aggression and violence.

We also cover many controversial topics, examples being:

- Children absconding from schools, can we stop them?

- Parents secretly recording staff on phones, is it legal? How do we counteract it?

- How to deal with aggressive parents, what can we do?

- ASD classes, is the law different for SEN children?

- The BOM, why they MUST protect their staff at all costs.

- Physical Interventions, what exactly is legal in Ireland today? 

We will also examine the role of the Board of Management and the incredible power that it possesses to solve the vast majority of problems in a school.

All participants will be provided with the following:
1.         CARA Training Manual (32 pages).
2.         Physical Interventions document.

3.         Dictaphones/Recordings document.

4.         Note-Taking example. The purpose of the course is to provide school staff with:
(1) The maximum legal knowledge and vocabulary to defend themselves against potential complaints, vexatious or otherwise,
(2) The correct legal and practical terminology in how to report an aggressive or violent incident,
(3) The necessary tactical awareness skills in order to produce a positive outcome,
(4) The skills to deal with physically challenging situations,
(5) Help dealing with potential fear and anxiety in the classroom,
(6) A defined plan of action when an incident occurs.

 Date: Saturday 11th November 2017

Time:  10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Venue:  Co. Wexford Education Centre.  

Course Details

Course date: 11-11-2017 10:00 am
Course End Date: 11-11-2017 4:00 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 23
Available place 2
Individual Price Free
Number Hours 5
Location Co. Wexford Education Centre