Cosan Development Process Workshop

Cosán Development Process A Step-by-Step Guide

In order to participate in the Cosán Development Process, teachers, either individually or collaboratively, can follow the five steps outlined below.

1. Identify your “hook”

As an individual teacher, school, or group of teachers, identify a professional learning opportunity that you are engaging in anyway. The idea is that you will use this as the hook for your involvement in the Cosán Development Process.

2. Complete our survey

In order to make sure that the development process is as representative as possible of all categories of teachers, and the varied contexts in which they work, we have developed a survey which will allow us to build a profile of those who are interested in getting involved. This survey can be accessed here.

3. Wait to hear from us

We will analyse all of the expressions of interest received through the survey and, over the coming months, contact those who are to be included in the development process. At that point, we’ll invite participants to come together to discuss the next steps.

4. Reflection and evidence-gathering

As part of their everyday practice, teachers continually reflect on teaching and learning, and on school life in its broadest sense. They do this individually or collaboratively, using varying techniques, and may record these reflections in equally varying ways.

In engaging with the development of Cosán, you are encouraged to reflect and gather evidence on the impact of your learning, in the context of the specific professional learning opportunity mentioned in 1 above. In undertaking these reflection(s), whether individually or collaboratively, it will be useful to refer to the framework, specifically the values, principles and standards. To help guide these reflections, you may wish to ask questions like:

What will my engagement with Cosán look like? For me personally, and/or for my school or the setting in which I teach?

How can I be sure my learning is having impact? For me as a professional? For my practice? For us as a school? For us as a teaching community? For the learners?

How can I reflect in a way that’s meaningful and practicable for me? How can I record my learning and reflect on this in a sustainable way, especially in the context of my workload?

How can Cosán acknowledge my informal learning?

Of course, other questions could emerge during the process of reflection. This will be up to you and your colleagues!

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