Current Issue: South East Education Centre Research Journal

Volume 1, October 2015


Seán O’Leary

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Teachers’ Views of the Effectiveness of the Incredible Years Teacher Classroom Management (IY TCM) Programme in County Wexford Schools: A Follow-up Study
Theresa Newman 

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Using a Computer Game to Inspire Primary School Students with Complex Needs to Manage Their Emotions
Anna Marie Cullen

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The Implementation of Outreach Programmes Focused on Engineering at Primary Level
Olive Walsh

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The Merits of Using Reward Strategies in the Classroom and How to Maximise Their Effectiveness
Conor Howlin

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How Can We Improve Literacy and Comprehension in Primary School Children: Could Instruction in Semantic Ambiguity Improve Metalinguistic Reading and Comprehension?
Marian J. Lucey Sheane

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Teaching Comprehension to Pupils with Learning Difficulties
Aoife Brennan

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Promoting Self-Directed Learning in a Leaving Certificate English Class. How Increasing Intrinsic Motivation and Advancing Critical Thinking Skills Can Engender an Autonomous Learning Environment
Muireann Nagle

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Are We Having Fun? The Neuroscience of Learning: Does it Support Enquiry Based Learning?
Gráinne Mulcahy
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A Continuum of Support, Collaboration and Co-teaching: A Post-Primary Case Study
Seán O’Leary

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Inspiring Innovative and Creative Failures to Counteract Unhealthy Perfectionism
Denise Nolan

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