Author Manual

Author Manual of South East Education Centre Research Journal

(Updated on 10 June 2015)


1. Copyright

a. SOUTH EAST EDUCATION CENTRE RESEARCH JOURNAL users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of articles. Reproduction is authorised, only if the source is acknowledged.


2. Plagiarism code

a. Articles submitted for publication should have not been previously published.


3. Language

a. Articles and all appendices are accepted in English only.

b. Manuscripts should be concisely written with strong consistency and coherency in order to appeal their significant findings to SOUTH EAST EDUCATION CENTRE RESEARCH JOURNAL users.


4. Material submission

a. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically by e-mail to the host Education Centre (Wexford, Kilkenny or Waterford) by 31st August preceding the conference.


5. Formatting

a. For the optimal communication, failure of below formatting requirements would result in instant resubmission. Authors are responsible for any consequent delay or rejection during the review/editorial process.

b. Any well-known referencing style, such as the Harvard Referencing Style is acceptable.

c. A submitted article for publication must restrict its length to less than 8,000 words, including tables and references.

d. Manuscripts should be written in Calibri 11 pt font-size and single-spaced on A4 paper with every margin of 2.54 cm (1 inch).

e. The paper should carry the title, the author (s) name (s), affiliation and e-mail on the first page.

f. A concise and informative abstract of no more than 200 words must be provided.

g. Sections (e.g., 1. Introduction, 2. Literature review, 3. Methodology, 4. Findings, 5. Discussion and Conclusion, 6. Appendices, etc.) should be clearly and coherently divided with all headings in bold typeface.

h. Authors are encouraged to include relevant diagrams, graphs, tables, and photos to illustrate their articles

i. Materials should arrive by using Microsoft Word.


6. Supply of artwork and photos

a. Diagrams and graphs should be provided as finished black and white line artwork or electronic images.

b. Electronic graphics included in your manuscript should be either inserted in the word document.

c. All illustration (diagrams, graphs, tables, photos) must be fully captioned and mentioned in the body text.

d. When there are a number of illustrations, the author should endeavour to reduce the amount of text to accommodate the illustrations in the limited space available for any article.